7 Great Benefits of Weight Training Exercises

Weight Training Exercises
Sadly, more and more people of today’s generation are becoming unfit. It is maybe because of the lifestyle we practice or perhaps the food we eat. However, whatever the reasons are, all the bad practices should be avoided with all means. Here are 6 great benefits of weight training exercises for everyone:

1. Researches have already proven that most cases of illnesses and major diseases directly account for the lack of physical exercise. Both cardiovascular diseases and diabetes have been the number one killers since ever and both can be prevented by doing various types of exercises—walking is the best example.

2. Physical fitness gives healthier bodies. People who pay more attention to health and fitness also live better lives. The more we age, the more we need to exercise. Not only are our age is increasing, as we grow old, we are also shedding pounds of muscle annually. And the only way to counteract such natural phenomenon is to strengthen your remaining muscles.

3. Whether for the reason of losing weight or for maintaining a good health is, exercise is beneficial in both the aspects. A lot of exercises has emerged and has long been practiced. Aerobics may be useful if you want to lose plain calories. However, the only method that truly reshapes your body is weight training.

4. Weight training is a type of strength training used to fortify skeletal muscles. It combines the use of weighted bars and dumbbells with the natural power of gravity by opposing to the force thus producing muscle contraction. Weight training exercises use specific equipment designed to target a particular muscle group with a predetermined repetition of movement.

5. Another benefit of weight training is that it not only physically graces the body of men who already are naturally strong because it can also be suitable for women of all ages and sizes. If you wish to lose weight, aerobic exercises alone is not enough. The combination of both weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises is the sure answer to drop those clothes sizes faster. Working on both your heart and lungs improves overall health.

6. Cardiovascular exercise is great for burning the unwanted fats but by supplementing it with enough strength training helps you burn extra calories per day, not to mention, that you will continue burning calories even when you sleep. Why? You may ask. One of the benefits of weight training is that if you gain an additional pound of muscle, your body normally burns over 50 extra calories all day long. Muscles feed on calories, so the basic analogy is, the more muscles you build, the more calories it needs to stay alive.

7. Another benefit of weight training is that it can increase your metabolic rate (metabolism) by up to 15 percent!

Final Words

Starting on weight training may not be one of the nicest things to do, but do not worry because you will be assessed by your fitness coach if you are a beginner. They will suggest you basic weight-training routines to get you started. Do not be disappointed if you initially seem to be maintaining your weight (or sometimes gaining a little bit) when you intend to lose weight. Muscle weighs more than fats, so it is a good sign. At least, you know that you are gaining muscles instead of fats. You will also feel the change because your clothes will become baggier and you will feel healthier.

There are a lot of ways to lose weight or perhaps live a healthier life if starting an exercise routine is hard enough to stick to. Then you may start by eating consciously. Weight training is only one of the countless ways to improve your health, and as far as I am concerned, I am surely relying on The Squat Academy established in Staten Island. After all, the coachers in the Women’s Staten Island Gym walk the extra mile to help you lose those undesirable calories on your hips!

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