Key Arm Exercises For Women To Help Them Get Attractive Upper Limbs
Women are more conscious of their health and fitness nowadays than ever before. In the past years, women used to be at home only as home makers, but at the present time, they are in the position to play multiple roles like home maker, office worker, financial manager of the home, etc. hence for this multitasking role player, they need more energy with high fitness levels. Among the famous fitness building exercise programs, the arm strengthening program is one of the major programs for the women.

The following simple arm exercises for women help them to maintain strong and sexiest arms with high endurance level. The below-mentioned exercises or workouts use both dumbbells and your own body weight to strengthen the arm muscles. For dumbbell exercises, start with two to five kilograms of weight. When you are able to do 12 repetitions easily then try with heavier weights. Do these following workouts three times a week. For tougher workouts repeat all the exercises back-to-back at a stretch, but take one day rest between the workouts. Try to complete each exercise with 8 to 12 repetitions for one to two sets.

Some of the main arm exercises for women are as follows:

Horizontal Curl with Dumbbells

With palms facing up, hold the dumbbells in each hand and raise it up to the shoulder level by the sides until your elbows and hands reach the level with the shoulder. By this workout, the anterior and the middle part of the shoulder muscles like pectorals and deltoid will get strength.

Self-Resisted Curl

Stand with shoulder distance between your legs and palms facing front. Place the left palm on the right palm. Then bend your right hand at the elbow and take it close to your right shoulder. While doing this flexion movement resist the movement with your other hand. Then straight the hand and go for more repetitions. By this self-resisted exercise, you will strength the upper arm muscles mainly the biceps.

Triceps Pushup

This is nothing but the women pushups where they assume the regular pushup position, palms directly below the shoulder, knees placed on the floor with feet in the air. Tight the abdomen muscles and bend the arms thereby bring the chest closer to the floor and then straight your arms. This is triceps pushup, which helps to build the posterior arm muscle, the triceps effectively.

Prone Extension

Take prone lying position by placing the forehead on the floor, hands straight by the side with palms facing up. Try to place a folded towel beneath your forehead. Lift the hands from the floor maximum and hold it in the air for 5 to 10 seconds which squeezes the posterior shoulder muscles heavily. Return to floor and repeat the same. This helps to strengthen the posterior arm muscle that is the posterior deltoid.

Side Raise with Dumbbells

Stand erect with shoulder distance between the legs and knees slightly bent. Hold the dumbbell in each hand with hanging it by the sides, palms facing in. maintain a slight bend in the elbows and raise the hands by the side till the shoulder level with palms facing the floor. Get back down and repeat the same.

This helps to strengthen the anterior and middle deltoid muscles effectively.

Apart from these above few arm exercises for women, there are several other workouts are also available which adds further extra benefit to building up the arm like, Sideways plank walk, Overhead extension with dumbbells Horizontal row with dumbbells, etc.

These Arm Exercises for Women, what we at Crossfit fitness Staten Island have mentioned, not only builds the arm muscles but also helps to increase the density and strength of the bones which will be more effective for the women to get prevented from bone disorders mainly osteoporosis.


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