Learn Simple Tricks for a Woman to Make Slimmer and Healthier


Weight loss, a growing concern in the US

Dieting is one of those things in life that few people do well. Unfortunately, the diet industry is more of a hindrance than a help. With the promises of fast action weight loss, quick steps to lose belly fat and a plethora of products designed to speed up the metabolism, control cravings and hunger, few people truly understand what it takes to lose weight for good.

In America alone, the American Heart Association estimates that 68% of the population can be classified as overweight with an overwhelming 49% of those people considered obese. Not only does this cause a mental, emotional and physical strain on the body, but it can also stymie the person suffering from the excess weight. Where do they turn? What should they do and what truly, are the best ways to lose weight for good? The answer largely depends on whom these people turn to for help. Certainly, products and medications may help for a while but a common sense should tell all of us that being overweight is an invitation to a range of problems.

The bottom-line is that in order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume every day. The only way to do this is to eat a healthy diet, exercise and remain adherent to the diet plans that work for you whilst avoiding the ones that will only wreak a further havoc on your body.

The Truth About Weight loss Made Easy

Suzanne Davenport is a woman who knows firsthand just how difficult it is to lose weight and keep it off. For women, this process can be more difficult due to hormones. By herself, a decade long ago, while battling against the bulge, she spent thousands of Pounds on wasted products and finally discovered the underlying secrets to health and vitality through a range of meaningful weight loss tools. She has developed a plan realizing that first and foremost, women need the support along the way.

Many diet programs bank their success on building strong communities of like-minded people who can unveil the scams and discover truths to lose weight. In an attempt to help other women suffer from the broad range effects of being overweight, Suzanne has conducted her research, given advice and created a few reviews of the products; women can use to help them realize their weight loss goals. On a certain website, the woman helps other women in bridging the gaps between knowledge and rumors, emotion and health in order to facilitate them on their inner and outer journey toward weight loss.

Join The Squat Academy

Exclusively, this Fitness Staten Island center and academy have been designed for women. The Squat Academy™ is a dedicated group fitness class for women. We give a special attention to building a powerful firm and well-formed butts, legs and core. Our specific weight loss classes improve these specific muscle groups while melting the fat and strengthening the entire body.

Our fitness classes Staten Island as well as our trainers keep the class moving with music and constant variation. Classes include a warm-up, some mobility and stretching techniques, instruction on proper form of movements, various squats and lifts and conclude with a fun and fast-paced fat burning workout.

Check The Squat Academy out today and you will see that this website offers no pressure, no guilt and absolutely no unhealthy measures to get what you deserve in life, health and happiness.


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