How effective is weightlifting training and other weight loss exercises for women to burn the fat
A lot of women who are bulky generally boils down to taking weight loss pills, supplements etc. but these are not the effective ways to deal with the body fat. The right or the tried and tested way to fight with weight loss is to do weight training.

Here are a few three salient reasons giving vent to the fact why lifting weight is a great way to address the weight loss problem for women.

1. It Burns the Extra Calories Nonstop

If you are seriously looking to shed weight, it is important that you burn more calories than you consume. Lifting weight is the ideal exercise to lose fat since it acts as a catalyst to help your body burn extra calories both during and after you have carried out your exercise workout.

A weight lifting routine with a usual track of eight moves can help you shed more than 200-250 calories! Additionally, the research signifies that a regular and perfect weightlifting job can enhance your metabolism for over 24 hours after you have carried out the workout. The most suitable reason for it is that your muscles require more energy to fix their fibers, and they readily get it by burning calories.

2. It Entails Additional Fat Loss

Cardiovascular exercise will not act instrumental in cutting down calories even while the workout is being done by a woman. This also directs to the possibility that you will not be able to burn fat when you stop doing the exercise. However, it is certain that you will burn a copious amount of calories during and after a weight lifting workout. This also results in an additional amount of fat burned, as you switch between a broad ranges of weightlifting workouts coupled with the workout itself.

3. Will not I become plumper?

Weight lifting works wonders in enhancing the muscle mass and with this in mind, a plenty of women steer clear of this type of training out of fear of developing a huge male physique. However, as a matter of fact, a male’s physique develops in a way poles apart from a female’s as a result of the greater levels of the testosterone hormone in a man’s body. A woman has testosterone levels comparatively to men are almost near to the ground.

The point to keep in mind is that the more muscle you have for contracting, the more calories you will burn. That is why, if your body is having a huge muscle mass, you will burn more calories while you carry out any form of physical activity. Some common physical activities include lifting dumbbells, doing squats or even walking.

As a woman, whether you are striving desperately to lose body fat for a certain point of time or just want to lose your body weight fast, Weight loss Staten Island training is the answer. However just make sure that you do not do too much it during your first few sessions. Also, include a proper and balanced regimen and some effective cardio training. This way, you will easily circumvent any type of potential injury and achieve the best fat loss results you want.

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Working out is an activity which both men and women are interested in doing. However those who are inexperienced in doing workouts in a gym, the experience is certainly or most probably out of the way particularly when they are not sure from where to start.  The insight is even more intriguing when you are interested in undergoing strength training and the weights sections of the gym are replete with muscle guys who are throwing dumbbells on the ground. However, building muscle delivers a range of benefits, which include removing your excess body fat and, beefing up your body through regular activities, and most probably even keeping up your brain health.

By the way, we at The Squat Academy share the four best exercises for women to whom our gym is exclusively dedicated. Integrate them into your fitness routine and you will wow to witness incomparable results in a short time!

1. Deadlifts

Deadlift is the ticket for those who are interested in stepping up their overall strength. Chew on it, what could be more practical than lifting a heavy weight from the ground? However we, at The Squat Academy, are of the conviction that the deadlift is a special exercise that is a part and parcel of everyone’s workout schedule. After all, deadlift is a versatile workout activity that remarkably beefs up your hips, glutes, backs and legs as well as improves your metabolism.

2. Squats

Squat is another worthy compound activity that aims at beefing up strength and improving your metabolism. Although this activity is fundamentally focused on legs yet few know that it is instrumental in beefing up your body from head to feet. If you are concerned about focusing on your back with the squat, there are several variations that put less pressure on the spine like the front squat or goblet squat.

3. Weighed up thrusts

Before you embark on weighed up thrusts, here is a caveat for you to take a look at. Once you overcome the embarrassment and begin to see the noticeable difference this workout can bring about, you will enjoy doing it more and more! Precisely, doing weighed up thrusts, your glutes will become more powerful and you will be able to witness significant improvement in your other lifts.

4. Overhead Press

Are you planning to build attention-grabbing sculpted shoulders and arms while working the rest of your body too? If yes, then you will love doing overhead press!

This exercise is done while standing and it helps largely in developing your core and stabilizing muscles in your trunk.

Try out this workout with dumbbells and you will be stunned to see great results across your shoulders.

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5 Great Morning Habits that can Enhance your Productivity Throughout a day

It is common for a lot of people to get up in the wee hours of the morning and engage them in the routine activities while others prefer to just lie in the bed for a long time. Many successful people in the world have a history of rising early in the mornings and if you want to have a look at some amazing morning habits of these head honchos to enhance the productivity all through a day, here is the review:

#1 Rise early in the morning

If I am not wrong, you would have heard the famous proverb “Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy and wise”. Apart from making a person healthy and wise, the proverb really does make a person more thriving in his personal and professional life.

Some luminaries such as George Bush, Ex-US President; Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic tycoon; Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder and CEO and so on. Suffice to say their success in their real life is largely because of being the early birds who start their day more promptly than others. What more surprising is that many of the famous people carry out 90% of their regular tasks by 11 am while the rest sleepyheads make their efforts to get them into a productive work mood.


#2 Start Your day with Some Physical Exercises

Studies manifest that people who work out in the morning develop an improved level of efficiency to deal with the day than the late risers.

Early risers experience their brain work better, experience better physical and mental energy and it is a great way to deal with all the tasks that you attempt after a speedy and brief 30-minutes exercise.

This does not have to be thoroughly tiring; it could just be a jog through the park or a bike ride. The considerable point is that you move your body.

#3 Eat A Healthy Breakfast

It is a great idea to start your day with a healthy breakfast and most possibly you are aware of the same since health experts have been advising it for a long time.
It does not sound an out of the ordinary news that you are not habitual to breakfast since there are lots of people who follow this eating style. They just wait for the lunch hours to turn up. However, you may not be aware that eating breakfast helps you become more productive. So just try taking your breakfast and you will enjoy the results.

#4 Do The Most Challenging Things First

When you begin working out in the morning, it is not recommended to start with effortless tasks first. On the contrary, you should start with the hardest project that you have i.e. the one that you have been dilly-dallying on above everything else.

Once you get that one off the beaten path, you will be able to find that the other projects are easy to achieve and your day will pass much facilely.
#5 Make Your Preparations a Previous Night

Make sure you do the preparation the night before, not on the same morning. You should do your utmost to make things ready the yesterday night so that you are not screwed up the next day.

If you just follow these 5 simple tips, you can really have a fresh and a wonderful productive start every single day.

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Fitness training can be great for people of all different fitness level backgrounds


If you have never tried out fitness trainer before or even if you had a fitness trainer, he/she can help improve your fitness levels. Fitness training with fitness trainer can help you learn more techniques and exercises and see them demonstrated firsthand. This will help you know if you are truly executed an exercise the way it is supposed to be done, which will only help you improve your fitness levels and prevent possible injury. Fitness trainer training can be the answer you are looking for.

Maybe you find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise, a fitness trainer and yoga trainer can help you gain the motivation you need or they might even inspire you to try a new field. Become fitness trainer courses are available. Start a fitness trainer teacher training association program and you are that much closer to achieving a new dream.

So how do you find the best fitness trainer training courses? If you try an internet search for a fitness trainer teacher training, or a fitness trainer training system or even a fitness trainer fitness training you are sure to come up with some great results. You can find an aerobic training course that will fit your interests and goals. There are many to choose from. Take your time. Read the curriculum, learn about the instructor. Ask questions. Interview the instructor. Your dreams are worth the effort. You might even want to sit in on a class if this is allowed. This can help you see if you like the instructor’s approach.

To be a Fitness Trainer you will need to purchase your own fitness trainer and trainer equipment. Denise Austin fitness trainer products are a great way to go. Denise Austin fitness trainer and yoga trainer products can be affordable as well. If you take the time you can find specials sales and deals. You might even have a friend who is a fitness trainer who can help you out. Maybe they have some equipment they no longer need. There are ways to save money.

While some people may wonder fitness trainer vs. traditional strength training which is better? Exercise in general is a personal choice. Some people love biking, while others love to sweat it out in the gym. It is truly a personal choice. However, some experts believe that fitness trainer can offer a better strength training exercise because you not dealing with heavy weights that you are lifting that can potentially over stress your body. You are using specially designed tools and often your own body’s resistance, to ultimately achieve the toning results you want.

Which Is More Important for Weight Loss – Exercise Or Diet?

Which Is More Important for Weight Loss - Exercise Or Diet?
It is one of the biggest debates in any fitness discussion and one the most highly asked FAQs by our customers. What do you focus more on? Exercise or diet for fat loss?

In a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 59 individuals were studied across nutritional recommendations. There was no reportable pattern to suggest any effect of different diet regimes on weight loss. It was found that success was dependent on what discipline each followed.

Weight loss and weight gain revolve physiologically around calorie consumption and expenditure. To lose one pound of fat, we must create a 3500-calorie deficit, which can be achieved either through exercise or diet.

Exercise focused regimes don’t yield success

Firstly, calorie expense during exercise is relatively small as compared to your entire day. Our resting metabolic rate consumes up to 2100 calories daily. Add another 300 calories for all your daily activities, and you have already spent 2400. Adding an hour of exercise into the equation barely makes a dent in this due to the following.

People are in general not excellent estimators of calorie intake. It’s true. It takes quite a deal of mental programming to change your eating habits. We are naturally inclined to eat tastier rather than healthier. But that can be balanced.

Maintaining a balance when it comes to diet vs. exercise

At The Squat Academy, we strive hard to strike a balance for our members with one critical realisation: both exercise and diet are equally important. Ideally, take one-third of the total time you spend at the gym and focus it on dietary planning. The people who are most successful are those who embrace both consistency and imperfection.

You also have to remember that the body maintains its metabolism and when you exercise regularly your resting metabolism rate also goes up. This means that your basic calorie requirement rises. It needs to be supplemented with changes in your diet!

Hitting the gym hard and crashing down on carbs won’t yield results. You have to treat it like a consistently evolving and imperfect experience. Start from the basics. Do less exercise but be more frequent. Eat lighter meals but have 4-5 meals per day. Spending 2-3 minutes a day with a food diary is likely to have a bigger impact on your weight than 30 minutes a day in the gym.

What Is The Best Workout For Women After 40?

What Is The Best Workout For Women After 40?
Aging is a natural process that no living being can bypass or escape from. We humans, even after being armed with high-end technology, are no exception to aging. Incidentally, as women get older, a second-to-none nutritional program with some major workouts with plentiful recovery in the meantime, in conjunction with lots of rest can be instrumental in maintaining their fitness level. In point of fact, women who have carried out a plenty of aerobic workouts before they turn 45 typically are believed to have improved health and stamina even if they turn older. Here’s more on that…

Your 4-95-4 workout

Among the most well-matched workouts, you will be able to readily perform is the workout known as ‘4-95-4’. While performing this workout, it is recommended to take four-minute work intervals alongside four-minute recoveries to help you in the meantime. There are also a handful of activities that have been acknowledged as effective. Most of these workouts typically include cycling, swimming, or running 10 to 20-minute races.

For 40 + year old woman

Women who range from 40-50 typically go through a variety of physiological concerns. One of the commonest ones includes a moderate deficiency of aerobic potential (V02max) as well as a minute slump in their muscle tissues (also called ‘muscle atrophy’). When issues like these come to pass, this can take a toll on the enthusiasm to a small extent.

In addition, in the wake of age-related raise in your muscle tenderness or tissue firmness, you might need even extended recuperations during your workouts. In general, this coerces a considerable restrain in your training capacity. These problems might readily be approached via some exceptional ‘Sparks Sessions.’

In order to rev up the level of your enthusiasm, it is a great idea to introduce more cool items in your hi-intensity Workout Sessions. This can be easily achieved by just heading for your destined places in your city and/or region. While you do so, it is important to leave your day-to-day worries or issues far away. For the motivation concern, it is important though to try out some other better ideas. For example, you can experience extraordinary power in the legs by sometimes bursting at race pace for a few seconds as you are running or cycling.

Functional power and age

Build up the power of your leg muscles by completing the hill training sessions successfully. At times, cross-training and/or simply adding another day’s rest for every 2 weeks of your training is expected to cut down your pain. As a final point, leg-muscle atrophy can, in reality, be barred if you get down to brass tacks in relation to balanced weight training. It is a must to keep your enthusiasm level up for staying in the pink of health!

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How to Properly Train a Female Client for losing a weight?

How to Properly Train a Female Client for losing a weight?
As an overweight woman, you may be making the best of your efforts to lose your unwanted weight at the one of the reputable gyms Staten Island but unfortunately, the results do not live up to the mark. Through proper weight training, it is possible to help your weight loss efforts materialized. One of the most favorable weight training regimens for women looking to shed those extra pounds is circuit training, which elegantly puts strength training together with cardiovascular work.

Reckoning with Circuit Training

Circuit training is a specific type of weight training regimen that entails carrying out a string of preselected exercises back to back with a little to zero rest between the sessions. This type of training generally entailed a higher number of repetitions with lesser weights and focuses on every key muscle groups in one back-to-back cycle. Circuit training can be carried out via hand weights, exercise machines, resistance bands, body weight or a grouping of these.

Do try it out

Your circuit training regime will include 6 to 15 exercises on an average that alternate stuck between the upper and lower body movements. The respite between the exercises session should be the sum of time it takes you to get from one station to the next if at all possible, less than 30 seconds. The little amount of respite will give you a cardio workout as you strain your muscles. A paradigm of workout, in general, includes a dozen of repetitions for each of the following exercises, chest press, squats, bent over row, 30-second plank, lunges, shoulder press, leg extension, bicep curl, leg curl, triceps extension, bicycle crunches and upright rows.

Safe Progression

Circuit training should be carried out two to three times every week, with a day of respite flanked by workouts. You can start off with the cycle of the circuit, advancements for up to 2 to 4, as your fitness betters. Carry out 10 to 25 repetitions for every exercise, based on the amount of weight you pick up. A lighter weight will be a great help for more reps while a bulkier weight will limit the number of reps before exhaustion kicks in.

Dietary Thoughtfulness

While a down-to-earth weight training regimen will contribute massively to losing your weight, consuming an insalubrious diet full of fat, sugar and preserved foods will bottleneck even the best of your efforts. Complement your entire industriousness with a diet inclusive of nutritious foods, for example, vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, low-fat dairy, nuts and thin sources of protein. Steer clear of under-eating and overeating, both of which will bottleneck your weight loss efforts.

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The Truth About Dieting

The Truth About Dieting
The truth about dieting is that it does not work! It will work in the short run if you want to lose weight, but the more dire truth is that it is more than not eating, or eating different things. Dieting it also about the change of lifestyle, so read on to learn more about how.

Bad Dieting Examples

Dieting and its truth is that you have got to have a change of heart. There have and are a lot of dieting trends that say that there is only a single way to lose weight. Some people have gone so far as to ignore good dieting tips and be pro-anorexia and dieting tips are kicked out the door by not eating at all. For years, it was a hidden disease, relegated on to models dieting tips among each other, but now it is known that a lot of people do it. Other people will eat, but then will make themselves throw up, and crash diet some more to lose weight. These are certainly not the right behavior plans for dieting that anyone should use, and these actions do not relay the truth about dieting done in the right way.

Doctors’ Recommendations About Dieting

The statistics on dieting say that most people will fall off a diet if they do not change their eating lifestyles for dieting weight control. Most physicians recommend low-carb dieting and a regular exercise program that you can adhere to because it is fun to do. Depending on your general health and weight that you need to loose, should best be decided by a doctor who knows all about your body. They can help you plan how eating good foods will help you stay on the track, and why a low carbohydrate dieting instructions should be followed for most people, is the truth about dieting.

Supplemental Help With Dieting

If you are like the most people who want to lose the pounds fast then there is a great help for you. One beneficial way studies have shown is the benefits of green tea for dieting. Green tea for dieting will increase your metabolism and will actually soak up the fat cells inside the body. It has shown an effect on the skin, and it is one way on who to tighten loose skin after dieting. If weight lost is too drastic or sudden, and if your physician recommends it for health reasons, then surgery of liposuction can be done too for removal of too much skin. The nitty-gritty of dieting is that it can be done with the power of mind and body.

The crux of dieting is that it can it be done. It might take some time to adjust your thoughts to eating. Do not lose heart, just like with anything else; it might take a while to reach your change of life with food. Keep up the fight and soon you will reach your goal of weight loss. For other beneficial pieces of advice on weight loss, get in touch with the Personal Trainers at Staten Island.

Top 5 fitness Tips for working women that really works

Top 5 fitness Tips for working women that really works
Working women unquestionably need their body to be in perfect shape at all times, which is why it is important for them to follow certain helpful tips that can do meet the need:

1. Acquire a fitness program that fit them to a nicety

Because fitness varies from woman to woman, which is why it is well worth the idea to acquire a fitness program that fits you to a nicety. In case you have a surgical history, it is possible that the program may not fit you properly. Considering the same, it is a good idea to have a consultation with a skilled trainer to ensure that the fitness program is the right choice for you. If the fitness program is not appropriate, it will certainly bring about disappointment and injuries.

2. Set pragmatic goals

Will this not be a cause of concern and disappointment if you aim to remodel your body in a period of a month? It is important to ensure that the type of body figure you aspire is attainable and down-to-earth. The program should also be matter-of-fact without giving you any hopelessness in the long run of your efforts. It is important to be aware of the blocks you stumble upon in your day-to-day living. This will be very helpful for you to know what program is acceptable. And after you have concluded a Fitness, then you can set goals and timelines that are matter-of-fact.

3. Be orderly to exert effort on your muscles

Working out consistently for a month will bring about positive wonders in your body. Reiterating the same sets of exercises and same weight without enabling your muscles to work more arduously will not deliver satisfactory results. You can keep a journal of your regular results and keep a track of the progression depending on your prior data. A regular log will also perk you, as you are also able to track how outlying you have gone. It emboldens confidence, as there is a written proof something that was successfully carried out.

4. Be supple and carry out a variety of exercises.

Every exercise program should be varied. You can bring about changes to your exercises, goals every month to keep you motivated and on the move. Performing this repeatedly will also put an end to your boredom and prevent you from losing energy constitutionally and psychologically.

5. Be Motivated!

The most favorable way to keep the energy levels of trainees is to keep a healthy competition and enable them to have an intelligence of management. Having control is having the sense ownership where everybody chips in carrying out a program. To carry out this, it is also very important for you to give an exhibition of your skills. After all, it is quite common that not every program works for all people.

It is too hard to come up with a workout that is just the ticket for everyone. However, you can learn from knowledgeable people. Learn to acknowledge blocks and exhibit self-will, keep yourself confident, make efforts on a regular basis and add variety. Carrying out all these things you will be able to see for yourself that all the Fitness Programs work wonders for you.

How Pilates and pregnancy exercise can help maintain your physical fitness

Fitness Academy - Personal Training
Pregnancy Pilates exercise can be one of the best ways to maintain physical fitness for women while they are having a bun in the oven. Because Pilates mainly focuses on strengthening the major core muscles, i.e. your back, stomach and pelvic muscles, Pilates pregnancy exercises are perfect for preparing a woman to deliver a baby without any complications. The muscles focused in on are the same muscles that need to be strong when a woman is giving birth. Pilates + pregnancy =’s a perfect combination of fitness exercise and the preparation for delivery.

There are several types of Pilates available for pregnancy classes. Pregnant Pilates classes have become a popular form of exercise because modifying Pilates pregnancy classes to suit pregnant women is an inherent part of Pilates. In other words, Pilates is an exercise that is fundamentally based on a person’s physical abilities and is made to be modified so that anyone can carry out the exercise at any level of physical fitness. Pilate’s pregnancy exercise classes or routines, like Pilates class, focuses on your breathing as well, which will definitely get you ready for the delivery room.

Pilates during pregnancy is definitely one of the top workout choices for pregnant women nowadays. However, there are other options. Why not try a Pilate’s yoga pregnancy combination of exercise? This can change up your Pilates routine, keeping it interesting and keeping you fit at the same time. Pilates’ pregnancy and other workout classes can help you reach your fitness goals. Exercises taught in Pilates’ pregnancy classes can also be fun and a great way to meet new friends.

And, for women who like to exercise on their own, why not purchase a pregnancy Pilates DVD? You will be receiving two very great forms of exercise right in the comfort of your home. You will be able to do exercise any time you want and not have to go further than your own living room.

The Squat Academy

If Pilates’ pregnancy classes are for you, why not try to learn it from some of the best Pilates classes available right now? The Squat Academy offers all types of workout classes exclusively for women. The Squat Academy’s Pilates pregnancy classes are so popular that they are being attended by people from all walks of life. The Squat Academy’s studio is in Staten Island and you are sure to get highly exceptional results from their finely-tuned Pilates’ classes. For those who are on a tight budget, Pilate’s pregnancy classes do have a special pricing from time to time.

And, if you have the financial means and time in your schedule, you can always try an in-person Pilates exercise class at The Squat Academy. Here, you are sure to find others who are having the same level of skill that you can bond with and will help enhance your pleasure during the workout class. In addition, you will have the first hand ability to be in contact with your Pilate’s instructor and you can ask any number questions you may have and they will be more than happy to give you answer readily.